Learning English with A.C. Milan


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Yes great idea !
But I must confess that, for me, this topic is easier to understand than the rest of the forum :eek:

Ahahahahha Why? Where do you come from? :)

vota DC

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Everybody will copy and paste sentences from The Red & Black Forums trolololololo!

O Animal

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Uhmmm.. regarding "you have accomplished" and "you made", IMHO you can use both the past-simple both the present-perfect.
The same about "must" or " can"...Dreaming doesn't cost a thing is OK, the important thing is to don't use the double-negatives :D

Yes you can definitely use past simple and present perfect but you shouldn't use the verb accomplish in that sentence.

I have also checked your first post and in my opinion there are few mistakes. Some of them are grammar mistakes while other sentences sound a little bit too Italian. English is a Bitch.

Have a look...

Please to excuse me for possible mistakes: to begin with.
I try to explain you with few words the purpose by this topic; the best way to learn a language is speaking it, so it could be appropriate a topic where we must speak only in English about A.C. Milan, about different issues: matches, player's performance, release by Galliani, Berlusconi, Allegri and everything which is linked with Milan.
Everyone can suggest a question and we talk about it, also sharing a post by others or responding to it. In this way we create a debate such as in a normal Italian Topic.
What do u think about? I hope you will appraise this project, it could be useful!
It's important you speak only English!

I begin with this argument: Will we be able to arrive at third position this year? Talk about!

First of all please excuse my English for any possible mistake.
I am going to explain you the purpose of this topic. In my opinion the best way to learn a language is to speak it, therefore it could be a good idea to use this topic to discuss about A.C. Milan in English. We can discuss about: matches, players’ performances, Galliani’s Berlusconi’s and Allegri’s claims, and everything else regarding A.C. Milan.
Anyone can suggest a question and discuss about it, also by quoting and responding to other posts. In this way we will debate just as in any other thread in Italian.
What do you think about this idea? I hope that you will appreciate this project as in my opinion it could be a very useful learning tool!
In this topic please speak only in English!

Let me start off this subject. Are we going to grab the third place this year? Let’s discuss about it!