Learning English with A.C. Milan


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After the important victory against Verona last Sunday, Milan is playing against Udinese for the quarter of Italy Cup. Red&Black values the competition too important, because it could be a way for EL's access.
Seedorf proposes again 4-3-1-2, seen last Sunday. What do you think about tomorrow's match?


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Oh dear Hammers, Nocerino is a great top player. Buy him!!!
If you buy Zlatan Ibrahimovic he'll perform better than Iniesta.
We can't afford to keep him in our team unfortunately.

Il Re dell'Est

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only a question: the purpose of this thread is reached also if we use google translate? :fuma: obviously I'm joking!

anyway, currently we are in 10th position in the UEFA Ranking... not so bad, don't you think?